Fire In A Untame Place 


I am a fire in an untamed place

Light and heat to nurture the grace

Like a badger caged in the night

You might thrash and bite out of freight

But you feel through these feet

My roots run deep

A tree to shelter from the storm

A fire to keep warm

But I won’t dissipate into ash

If I go you know I’m coming back

The eternal return of the whisper of the wood

In these concrete landscape you know we stand where forests stood

I’m sat in a tree by a river

Who knows what boundlessness will deliver

In this place of signs without symbols

With no identicals or anything to resemble

Each gust of wind is unique

So abandon the bleak

Because you are the wind and the fire and the rain and the roots of the tree

Born condemned to be free

Immersed in the world…

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