Diet is key to the violent planet theses

There’s no way around it. To create a world without weapons, war and killing, you have to look at the progenitor causes. Once you learn to kill, killing is normalized. And we come to think of ourselves as a violent and aggressive species.

…The reality we live in is intrinsically peaceful. Herbivores make up the bulk of the animal population and it’s inaccurate and unfair to include them in violent planet theses. Women represent half of all humans, have never been characterized as violent and it’s unfair to include them in violence theses. Beyond that, most men are not violent, so it’s unfair to them too. Predators, both human and nonhuman make up a very small percentage of the Earth’s life forms. When you repeat violent planet theses you are supporting the most violent aspects of life on Earth while being blind to all the rest. It’s not accurate or useful to think that way.  Sky Hiatt

Image result for vegan peace


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