eternally wild

July 15, 2017

My Man-Boy,

Your life is an intuitive energy from the start. When you were born the first thing you did with all your being was search the unfamiliar place. You homed in on the body whose world you just left, fervently reconnected with this suddenly disconnected mother, and in that moment forged an eternal bond. That was your first innate endeavor after birth.

As with most humans born today, your early life senses were drenched in the artificial. But as you grew I watched you navigate around civilization’s apparatuses. You saw straight to the heart of what remains of forms and ways of nature. That is the remnant realm in which you chose to be. You went from gypsy meanderings awakening your instinctive senses, into overflowing awe and entire involvement with wildest wonders. You did not cave to the man-made limits of science or technology. You followed your born calling to be a naturalist, to be a part of nature, and be nature itself. Despite worldly troubles, you celebrated not merely the existence of nature, but your connection to nature, your bond with nature, your self as nature.

In your travels to deep wilds, you’ve honed an adaptive response to diverse environments. Your abilities to adapt and connect are who you are, lingering as lifelong requisites. You are a freeness of perceiving, of being, de-mediated through civilization. No matter how fragmented civilization becomes, you partake in the profound continuity of earth. As you did from birth, you search and connect and bond. You seek relations with human and nonhuman, with indigenous prodigy, to thrive and to be untampered by civilization.

Your calling to wildness evolved you into your present person. Your feral experiences have become you. You remain constantly aware of earth’s essence. Through humility, awe and nurturing deeds, you are one with wild earth, from forested mountains to seashores. You perceive that all life is a celebration of being in connection in organic form. As you return from adventures to settle with a partner into places already been, your life will be a celebration of increasingly diverse and deepening reconnections.

Now you have a ritual to present this union with your mate. There are many rituals of all life. Do not be uncomfortable participating in rituals. All animals not only indulge in them, but require them. All are nourished by them. In civilization, wild rituals have become formalized. But you can give natural meaning to your wedding. This ceremony marks the quenching of thirsts for life partners. It is civilization’s institutional ways that detract from the purity of the ritual. Your wedding, your union ritual, is yet another opportunity to discover and recover the way of wild, which you have done lifelong.

The way of wild is simply striving to thrive in earth communities, to continue melding your authentic self with authentic others. Domesticated culture cannot lame or tame or eliminate your essence. For the man-boy who has become nature, who retains the ability to hold nature identity into adulthood, be assured that wounding by civilization is an impossibility. For to be silenced or assaulted only increases the drive. It is the civilized who accept defeat and comply. Living civilized is virtual opposite living wild. You have chosen the way of wild. That is the mindset and striving of origins that cannot be crushed.

Don’t let yourself be distracted by civilization’s formalities. Your union ritual is a primal celebration of your bond together. Your connections revel in Liliana and your union, and that elation is energizing. Feel the boundless energy. Take it in and channel it into life. Your union is an earthly endeavor of your truest beings. A forging of another eternal bond. In this you are nature raw and pure.


Your Tiger-Mamma


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