origins of civilization: speciesism, sexism, patriarchy

The birth of hierarchy: organized hunting. Early folio-frugivore primate hominid males pulled away from foraging with the group to hunt. Scoring hunted animal ‘food’ was less of a sure thing, leaving females to ensure the dietary mainstay by  carrying an extra load with increased energy on gathering. This gave males more freedom to wander, experiment and enjoy, and afforded females less free time. Thus, the beginning of speciesism and sexism and patriarchy  (hierarchy/civilization).



4 thoughts on “origins of civilization: speciesism, sexism, patriarchy

  1. I’ve often wondered “why patriarchy?” Or why aren’t matriarchy and patriarchy randomly distributed?. Or given patriarchy, why does it have to suck so bad? Seems matriarchy could still exist in the presence of male hunting groups. Certainly matrilineal cultures did. If agriculture replaced hunting, why didn’t patriarchy go the way of the atlatl? I think there’s still something missing.


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