boy crying sheep running

I see a human boy letting go of his disguise

put upon him by those meant to care for him

revealing his confusion, devastation, vulnerability

letting go of that which he intuits not to do

reaching for the only option he has

for the very one who prepared him to project a mighty image

adorned him, signaling who he should be

reinforced by a human mob


I see a sheep running from chaotic touch

and chaotic emotion

a domesticated creature enslaved

one of many stripped of their wild

bred out of their free roaming culture

a being of bred beings with stories unheard

misperceived as much as the boy

forced into an unnatural life, as with the boy


I see a human man protecting his son from bodily harm,

consciously oblivious to the real pain he is causing

a compliant human dismissing feral life ways

of a human species binding themselves to agony

blinding themselves to the pain they cause

that will cycle into their own fate



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