die to who we’ve been

Image result for mamma tigerMost people fear the darkness of the mother, it’s much too fiery and demands responsibility. It’s common in our day to subscribe to a transcendent spirituality where we end up believing that everything we see is an illusion and we dose ourselves with positive thoughts to keep our vibration high because we can’t be bothered to look too deeply into the facts, to accept the ordeal, the cruelty, to feel the pain of death and destruction. Our indifference, our apathy is the problem.
Those of us who are here to do the work and midwife the shadow of the culture must go against all transcendence – selling mystical systems, we are going to have to go against the addiction of material consumption which is most difficult to do since this system in place is so hard wired into our core. This means we dismantle our identity, we die to who we’ve been. We cannot do this alone of course, only by connecting to the power and majestic compassion of the mother, only through her are we able to find the strength to accept the stern sobering terms of the transformation and healing. To be on the path of transformation, means we are willing to be naked to the passions and emotions that are surfacing as we face the potential death of Gaia. I do not buy their version that enlightened realized beings must be calm and peaceful all the time. The mother is a tigress, she protects us all, she is fierce and roars with lucid ferocity.

Centehua Sage, Lunar Rhythm

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