Untying the Knot of Animal Dependency: The legacy of prehistoric humans to the modern world, by David Irving

vegan anarchist primitivist

Just who were our prehistoric ancestors and how did they perceive life around them? What is their legacy to us both good and bad? This book takes us back to the dawn of human existence to trace the path of human interactions with the animal kingdom. It shows how humans created a widening divide between themselves and the animals with whom they had managed to coexist for millions of years before they embarked on a program of killing them through hunting and trapping. In the process they grew ever more dependent on animals as they created a way of life which today scientists are warning seriously threatens human existence. Animal dependency lies at the very core of the major problems humans face as the world skids toward disaster. We can restore sanity to our world by changing our attitudes toward animals from one of cruelty and disrespect to one of…

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