Why there is ‘no proof’ of bisexual cavewomen, homosexual cavemen, and vegan cavepeople:

polyScientific narratives that accompany scientific ‘facts’ are processed and molded through cultural values, as reflected in the popularized caveman story. To study your subliminal attachment to the story, monitor your reaction to another narrative: The clitoris is located outside the vagina to encourage female bonding with all others as a survival strategy, and to discourage vaginal sex and frequent impregnation to limit population and thereby decrease competition for scarce resources. Homosexuality is an evolutionary adaptation to reduce humans damaging their habitat through overpopulation. Likewise, instinctive disgust for hunting and eating animal flesh is an adaptation to maintain habitats with high species homeostasis, symbiosis and diversity.

Polyamorous cavewomen, homosexual cavemen and vegan cavepeople can have evolutionary narratives as plausible as the monogamous cavewomen, heterosexual caveman and meat eating cavepeople. Mainstream and marginalized evolutionary narratives are value-laden. But being that alternative narratives are silenced, scorned and sternly denied before considered, even if alternative ‘proof’ were discovered, would it be recognized for what it is, or explained away with acceptable mainstream values?

Scientific narratives are created, not described realities. Reenacting the myth of the heterosexual, meat eating caveman not only naturalizes patriarchy by projecting it into our species’ origins, but ignores and denies the possible existence of other ways of being.

The role of feminist primitivism is to naturalize a broader ancestral life narrative by undermining the values behind science and reject the rigidity of the evolutionary normative. Until the realm of potentials is open for consideration, the caveman experience will remain an oblique mystery.

“Las narrativas científicas son creadas, no son realidades descritas. Recreando el mito del humano de las cavernas heterosexual y carnívoro no sólo naturaliza el patriarcado proyectándolo en los orígenes de nuestra especie, sino que ignora y niega la posible existencia de otras formas de ser.
El papel del primitivismo feminista es naturalizar una narrativa de vida ancestral más amplia socavando los valores detrás de la ciencia y rechazando la rigidez de la normativa evolutiva. Hasta que el reino de los potenciales esté abierto a la consideración, la experiencia del humano de las cavernas seguirá siendo un misterio oblicuo.”



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