the veiled allure of the caveman


Today’s threatened masculine psyche finds surges of real feeling power in deep biological roots of evolutionary sciences. Identifying with the caveman has the added benefit of defending wayward impulses that serve as the natural male litmus test.

Gender studies scholars Susan Bordo and Michael Kimmel found modern males’ fear of ‘sissification’ led to zealousness for organized sports, the boy scouts, the wild man movement, and eating meat to cultivate their ‘animal nature’.



One thought on “the veiled allure of the caveman

  1. Another great example of men using made up stories to control people. Besides having no basis is evidence, the “me want, me take” view of early male homo mating misinterprets the mating rituals of other species, seeing them as examples of male “conquest” and ignoring the observations that females are actively selecting their mates.


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